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About Us - A Not For Profit Company

Club Merchandise was created in early 2014 by a group of parents of kids with autism or aspergers.

We wanted a vehicle that would allow us to :

1.   Give our children somewhere to gain work experience

2.   Raise money for good causes and charities

3.   Engage with charities/clubs to allow them to sell merchandise

4.   Work on a not-for-profit basis.

Over the last several years we have had successes and failures, as a group we have suffered illness and loss and yet we continued.We have sold thousands of products to over twenty different countries. We have also worked with more than one hundred clubs and charities.

We are very proud of the fact that many hundreds of hours of work experience has been provided to young adults who live with autism or aspergers. 

And we have done all of this o a self-funded basis. 

Earlier this year, 2018, we hit a rather large bump in the road which has meant that we needed to go back to basics. A number of our volunteers needed to spend time with their families and that meant we had to put some of our bigger plans on hold.

But this year has also seen us create a Company Limited By Guarantee, Club Merchandise Limited, this is a Company that will continue to utilise the time and efforts of people who do it for the love of the work and not for financial gain.

Club Merchandise Limited looks forward to providing printed products that are designed, printed or packed by someone with autism/aspergers for many years to come.