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2017 Approaches

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2016 has been a busy year for us at Club Merchandise, and one not without incident.

We've had illness in the team, with emergency treatment and a touch and go moment for at least one of our founders, but thankfully everyone is still with us as we touch on a new year.

Although we failed to hit our fundraising targets we have made lots of new friends and contacts that will serve us well for many years to come.

We are looking at firming up some big projects for 2017, with one photography project specifically targeting people of all ages who have a love for photography, also live with a diagnosis of autism/aspergers.

We are also looking at the feasibility of becoming a charity ourselves. Although the hoops that you have to jump through and the management processes make that a daunting proposition.

What we are certain to do though is continue to offer young people on the autistic spectrum opportunities to work and socialise through work.

As most of us are parents of young adults with a diagnosis of either autism or aspergers we are keenly aware of the challenges that our kids face. So it is highly likely that the product you receive through the post will have either been designed, printed or packed by someone who has autism/aspergers.

We will continue to offer clubs and charities the chance to buy printed merchandise as cheaply as we can as it means we can also offer more work to our kids too, it's a virtuous circle.

But none of this would be possible without our customers. You are all, if you know it or not, supporting quite an ensemble of people. Your purchases make it possible to continue and for that we all thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Finally, if you are active on social media please take the time to talk about us and we cannot afford to advertise and what exposure we get comes from the people who like us enough to talk about us. Again, thank you.

We hope you have a fantastic Christmas and that you enjoy 2017 to absolute fullest.

The Club Merchandise Team